"Lorraine has been a dream! I was so nervous finding someone to look after my little girl and Lorraine has taken all those fears away. I drop my daughter off every morning knowing that she's in safe hands, she now gets excited to see Lorraine and the other children. I decided to go with Lorraine rather than a Nursery as Lorraine takes the children out on activities, whether it be the park, garden centres, soft play centres etc. I found this more appealing as my daughter can still participate in day to day activities in a smaller group as apposed to being indoors all day in a Nursery.

Lorraines very professional and from day 1 she has kept me up to date with my daughter's personal development, sending me photos through out the day. Lorraine's childminding space is always very clean and tidy.

I couldn't recommend Lorraine highly enough and I feel extremely lucky knowing that my daughter is in very safe hands. Id be more than happy to talk to any Mum who was interested in having Lorraine look after their child."
Mrs R

"Fantastic Childminder. Lorraine has been minding my son for nearly 2 years now and continues to take excellent care of him. He settled really quickly and is always happy to attend.

Lorraine takes him to many playgroups and trips to garden centres and other outdoor activities. We are able to see how his day has been as Lorraine regularly updates a program called ‘Tapestry’ were we are able access photos and descriptions of activities he has taken part in. We also receive a detailed paper diary on a daily basis which informs us of what he has ate/nap times/ nappy changes. This information has been so helpful as we are able to see exactly what he has eaten and if he had slept well which helps us know how he will be that evening. We find this a really valuable form of communication.

Lorraine has a lovely family and our son is very found of her children and often speaks about them. They are so warm and welcoming to him. Lorraine’s setting has lots of toys and her garden is well equipped for him to learn through play.

We would highly recommend Lorraine and we are very thankful to her for taking such great care of our son."
Miss O

"Lorraine was an absolute godsend when my son first started school. The after school club that he attended before going to Lorraine, made him really unhappy. He would cry every day and even talk about it on weekends in anxiety. After sending him to Lorraine, he was a different boy, and he settled very quickly.

The setting is lovely and home-like, with interesting features like the fish tank, and a big enough array of toys to keep my son interested.

Lorraine herself is so lovely-very friendly and enthusiastic. She always showed great concern and interest when it came to him, so I really felt he was with someone who cared and would keep him safe. She is also big on hygiene and safety, which is great, and has always been very flexible with any requests I might have (menu changes or time changes)

We only left due to distance/practicality, otherwise would have stayed on!."
Mrs M

"My daughter started going to Lorraine's over a year ago. I couldn't be happier with the care and attention Lorraine gives her. They do all sorts of activities, from playgroups, music lessons, trips to the library, arts and crafts, etc. Lorraine's two children are lovely and my daughter is very fond of them. Lorraine is very reliable and caring, I have peace of mind knowing my daughter is under her care."
Mrs T

"Lorraine is a friendly and warm childminder who was excellent with my now 20 month old daughter. We started with her when I went back to work, when my daughter was 10 months old, and we were so impressed with Lorraine's attitude and professionalism.

She has two lovely children of her own who have been wonderful with my daughter. She has a very nice, clean setting with plenty of toys and activities to entertain and educate, no matter what the weather. She also took the little ones out for regular playgroups etc. My daughter took her first steps after a day at her setting!

We have sadly moved out of the area, which is the only reason we're leaving. We'll really miss Lorraine and would not hesitate to recommend her services."
Mrs W

"Lorraine looked after my son when I returned back to work after maternity leave and he settled immediately making the transition back to work much easier! He was only 9 months old but in a short time he progressed more than I could ever have expected in Lorraine's care.

Lorraine is very warm and approachable whilst also being very professional with a safe and secure home.

Her setting is perfect for children of all ages and she has a range of toys to suit this and encourage their development.

Many thanks for all that you did for us!!"
Mrs B

"Lorraine's a superstar!!!!! She cared for our 2 year old daughter for a little less than two years when I returned to work. We only have good things to say about her.....

1) Incredibly caring
2) Very reliable
3) Went above and beyond to entertain our daughter
with regular trips to parks, toddler music groups etc.
4) Tasty and nutritional food

We would most definitely recommend her. "
Mrs S

Lorraine looked after my son for a couple of years until he went to school. Lorraine provided a great environment which my son loved going to everyday. Lorraine really supported his development and there was great communication and flexibility which really helped over the years. I would definitely recommend Lorraine to look after any child knowing they would be looked after in a safe, caring and personal environment."
Mr R

"Lorraine cared for our twin boys for approx a year when they were age 3 - 4 years old. She was warm, reliable and very conscientious in providing care for the boys. Her home offers a comfortable and very safe, child-friendly environment, indoors and out. Her care of the boys included drop off and pick up to their pre-school/nursery, where the head mistress also developed a very positive view of Lorraine and her relationship with our children."
Mrs P

"Lorraine is a very approachable and friendly childminder who is extremely professional. She has taken our son on a variety of trips and days out and always strives to provide an interesting and stimulating range of activities for him. Lorraine provides a great range of home-cooked meals and our son was very happy during the time he spent with her and her family."
Mrs M

"Lorraine provided my daughter with care from July 2010 to November 2011. She was only just one when she started with Lorraine but settled in well and it quickly became her second home. In her time at Lorraine’s she was provided with a safe and secure home. Lorraine often took the children she cared for out on interesting trips to farms etc and they had frequent trips to the park. Overall, I would recommend Lorraine as a child care provider for any other family in need of childcare. With her growing experience and caring nature she has the ability to connect with children and offer what a family would be looking for in a provider."
Mrs B

Written references available on request.